Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Cakes, guitars and fabulous hair - Belfast celebrations

How did we get to late July already?

This summer is flying by and I have handpicked a few recommendations for upcoming events around Belfast, kicking off with a mouthwatering Bake sale at the Warzone Centre.

Think vegan food consists solely of kale and quinoa? Think again as on Thursday 21st July volunteers at Belfast's unique Warzone centre (see my previous post about what makes this place special) will whip up all manner of culinary delights including the cakey treats pictured below!

Pics courtesy of organiser Kathryn Campbell <3

The event runs from 4pm - 8pm and all proceeds go towards the running of the centre - what more noble excuse to eat cake could there be?!

If you are having trouble finding Warzone, look for Slums Street Food and take a peek behind, you should see a sign simply marked 'The Centre' and a colourfully decorated staircase - don't be shy, just head on upstairs! :)

Following next comes the first ever Belfast Guitar Festival, running from 22nd - 24th July in the Black Box, Cathedral Quarter.

Encompassing classes on guitar styles such as flamenco, rock and classical as well as concerts and performances, it is a must for any budding guitar virtuosos!

For more info visit

Finally, I must promote the official opening of my hairdresser Ruth's very own Salon - The Chop Shop will be officially open for business at the start of August, with a special opening night on Friday 29th July complete with art, entertainment and discount vouchers!

Located upstairs at 77 Dublin road (look for Tao eaterie and Skullduggery Tattoo studio) the party kicks off at 7pm - some photos of Ruth's handiwork are featured below and as you can see the lady has some mad skillz!

To book an appointment or learn more about the opening festivities, get in touch over here

Keep an eye out for my next post, covering early August and my plans for festival fever plus a local faery market!

Kirsty Woo :)